When it comes to industrial cutting, precision blades are paramount. You also need blades that are built to stand up to the rigors of your process.

At Leverwood Knife Works, we specialize in blade manufacturing, producing precision custom industrial blades and knives for a wide array of applications, including packaging, printing, food processing, laminating, converting, and many more.

Whether your industrial process requires chopping, perforating, scraping, folding, slicing, sealing, shearing, or cutting, we can provide you with the exact blade you need. With over 25 years of experience in the cutting tool industry, we know what it takes to produce exceptional machine knives that are both razor-sharp and burr-free.

Need a specific cut pattern or want to explore better options for blade life and durability? Our experts are happy to talk with you to improve your industrial machine knives and meet your production goals.

Types of Industrial Machine Knives We Offer

Toothed and Perforating Blades

Need a custom toothed or perforating blade for your converting process? We can produce custom industrial blades for both foreign and domestic equipment in virtually unlimited profiles to meet the needs of nearly any application. Every blade is precision ground for a razor-sharp edge that produces uniform cuts across the entire tooth profile.

Tray Sealing and Formed Blades

Looking for tray sealing or formed blades with guaranteed consistency and durability? From blister pack blades and bag knives to seal bars and food processing blades, Leverwood's stringent quality control means precise, dimensional accuracy every time!

Tear Tab Blades

When your converting process requires a tear tab cut, you need a tear tab blade that delivers precision and extended life. Our tear tab machine knives are precision welded to ensure perfect placement every time.

Shear, Straight Edge, and Scraper Blades

Whether your process includes cutting, shearing, slicing, dicing, sealing, or scraping, Leverwood manufactures the most precise, longest-lasting straight edge blades available. We can produce custom industrial blades up to 138 inches to meet your requirements.

Specialty Blades

Need an unusual blade that doesn't fit the norm? We can develop new and unique edge and knife designs to fit your application. Our custom industrial blades can be to fit any style, including curved, circular, tear tab, notch, wavy, crowned, or tapered. Plus, we can manufacture standard or custom equipment from blade mounts and backer bars to crimpers and anvils.

Materials and Coatings

We manufacture blades and machine knives from a variety of materials to meet your application specifications. We have solutions for strength, hardness, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, shock resistance, pliability, high temperature, and more. We also offer a variety of specialized custom coatings, including non-stick, non-wetting, low friction, corrosion resistance, and more.