Industrial Tear Tab Blades

Tear Tab Blade

Location, Location, Location. When your converting operation requires an accurately placed tear tab cut, you need the most precise tear tab blade available and one with the extended life that only a Leverwood blade can produce.

Typical tear tab application designs include the blade and tab being used in conjunction with a slotted backer plate incorporating a precisely located notch for the tear tab intersection. Whether you need single or multiple tear tabs, the attachment of the tear tab to the blade is extremely critical as it must locate into the notched backer plate each and every time. To attach the tear tabs, Leverwood uses proprietary welding techniques to minimize any distortion or heat effects as well as guarantee permanent tab placement for the full life of the blade.

Industries Include
  • Bag Manufacturing
  • Form, Fill & Seal
  • Tamper Evident Packaging
Experts in Quality

Leverwood’s skilled team of craftsmen are experts at attaching the tear tabs at their precise, required location. Whether you require carbon or stainless steel, Leverwood offers three distinctively different tear tab styles to fulfill your requirements: side mounted tabs, cross-slotted tabs, and integrated one-piece tabs. Contact a Leverwood Knife professional today to discuss your individual application requirements.

Toothed Blade
Tear Tab Blade

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