If you're tired of production downtime due to faulty blades, let Leverwood's printing knives do the job for you.

Leverwood understands the importance and nature of all edge designs and dimensional tolerances required by the printing industry. For more than 25 years, printers and converters have relied on high-quality blades and printing knives from Leverwood Knife Works to seamlessly perform in their demanding production environments.

Printing Knives Made for Your Industry

Since its early beginnings, Leverwood has been one of the leading providers of printing knives and blades. We meticulously manufacture each printing blade from the finest materials to ensure they meet the highest quality standards that will provide consistent performance in virtually all equipment, both foreign and domestic.

The enhanced wear life provided by Leverwood's printing blades, not only guarantees less changeover time but increases production and profitability for customers. Here are just a few types of printing blades we manufacture regularly: