When you're looking for paper blades that are a cut above the rest, look no further than Leverwood Knife Works.

As one of the leading experts in industrial knife manufacturing, we pride ourselves on creating the highest quality custom paper cutting and converting blades in the industry. All of our industrial paper cutter blades are designed with the highest grade tool steels to meet the requirements of our customers and any OEM specifications.

At Leverwood, we understand that your paper blades need to hold up against a rigorous workflow. Dull or damaged industrial blades result in downtime and lost revenue for you, your machines, and your business. That's why our team of knife experts works hard to provide you with the highest quality industrial paper cutter blades on the market.

Paper Cutting Blades for Any Industry or Application

Whether you're looking for standard paper cutting blades or a simple paper cutter replacement blade, Leverwood has you covered. We can manufacture paper cutting blades in several styles: Straight • Curved • Convex • Toothed • Scalloped

All of these blade shapes can be used for rewinding, sheeting, perforating, guillotine cutting, and trimming. And if you need something more custom, just ask!

Our team of cutting blade experts is ready to help you with your custom or standard paper converting blade needs. With years of experience, we can advise you on the proper precision cutting industrial blades to streamline and maximize your manufacturing process.

When you work with Leverwood, you can count on us to give you exceptional quality paper cutting blades, fast turnaround times, and a competitive edge in your business.

Toothed Blades

With our state-of-the-art CNC grinders, Leverwood can produce unlimited tooth profiles to meet virtually any application requirement. Our high-quality materials ensure consistent performance with every cut.

Straight Edge Blades

Looking for tray sealing or formed blades with guaranteed consistency and durability? From blister pack blades and bag knives to seal bars and food processing blades, Leverwood's stringent quality control means precise, dimensional accuracy every time!

Specialty Blades

Leverwood excels in the production of "the unusual," and we take pride in that! So when a standard blade doesn't make the cut, ask us what our broad array of knowledge and precision equipment can do for your custom blade needs.

Why Choose Leverwood Blades?

With over 50 years of experience in the cutting tool industry, Leverwood is proud to be able to offer our customers with the best industrial blade products available in the marketplace. Utilizing only the finest materials available, we ensure the most consistent dimensional accuracy in our paper blades and other products. The results? Unparalleled lead-times and competitive pricing.

Leverwood's stringent manufacturing processes result in paper blades that require less cutting force, produce cleaner cuts, and maximize blade life. Our in-house manufacturing also combines specialized straightening and flattening operations with sophisticated, state-of-the-art CNC equipment that guarantees all Leverwood blades are delivered razor-sharp and burr-free.