Due to government regulations and the sensitive nature of meat and poultry processing, only the highest quality blades should be used. For over 25 years, Leverwood Knife Works has been a trusted name throughout the industry, as a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial meat and poultry production, processing and packaging knives.

Whether you need a cutting blade manufactured to OEM standards or you have a custom and unique cutting challenge, Leverwood is here to help. Our years of experience as a leading meat and poultry processing blade manufacturer, ensure that you are getting the highest quality blades for your meat or poultry production application on the market.

Leverwood’s knives and blades will not only exceed your processing expectations, but because of the high quality materials and state of the art manufacturing processes utilized, will guarantee an increase in blade life. That means a cost savings to you both in blade replacement as well as machine down time.

Leverwood manufactures meat and poultry processing knives in a wide variety of shapes and edge configurations including; straight, toothed, serrated, scalloped, pointed tip and single and double bevels. In addition, we offer an extensive list of FDA compliant coatings.

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