Custom manufactured meat processing blades made to adhere to even the strictest FDA regulations.

Here at Leverwood, we understand how important it is for every part of your manufacturing process to adhere to government regulations and standards. Meat and poultry processing can be a sensitive endeavor, which is why you should only be using the highest quality blades to process your products.

For over 25 years, Leverwood Knife Works has been a trusted name throughout the meat processing industry. We take pride in being a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial poultry and meat cutting, production, processing, and packaging knives. Let us work with you to improve your meat processing operation.

Custom Meat Processing Blades We Manufacture

Leverwood manufactures meat and poultry processing knives in a wide variety of shapes and edge configurations, including straight, toothed, serrated, scalloped, pointed tip, and single and double bevels. We also offer an extensive list of FDA compliant coatings. Here are just a few of the more common meat processing knives we manufacture.

Dicing Blades

Typically used for meat processing, our dicing blades are made to fit any configuration or size standard. These blades are perfect for getting clean, symmetrical cuts on your meat every time.

Poultry Blades

No matter which part of the poultry processing or packaging stage you're working on, blades are always required. Our poultry blades will help reduce waste with cleaner cuts, keeping your process consistent and efficient.

Skinner Blades

When it comes to skinner blades, you'll want the highest-quality, sharpest blade possible to avoid any hiccups in meat-processing. Let our Leverwood blades speed up your process and help reduce lead times!

Spiral Ham Knives

Specialty blades can be difficult to come by, which is why we take the time to fill that need. Our spiral ham knives are made to last, keeping your business running efficiently even during the busiest times of the year.

About Leverwood Knifeworks

Whether you need a cutting blade manufactured to OEM standards or you have a custom and unique cutting challenge, Leverwood is here to help. Our years of experience as a leading meat and poultry processing blade manufacturer ensure that you are getting the highest quality blades on the market for your meat cutting and meat or poultry production application.

Leverwood's knives and blades will not only exceed your meat cutting and processing expectations, but because of our high-quality materials—such as high carbon steels, stainless steels, and powdered metals—and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes utilized, many customers experience an increase in blade life. That means cost savings to you in both blade replacement as well as machine downtime.