When your industrial application demands the most precise, accurate, and durable blade available, you need Leverwood Knife Works.

Leverwood Knife understands that each customer's manufacturing process is unique and varies extensively by the materials being processed as well as the system design itself. For this, Leverwood maintains a staff of in-house experts who understand the importance and nature of all edge designs and dimensional tolerances. Utilizing the latest in CAD technology, their staff works seamlessly with each customer to conveniently and accurately identify and determine the best solution for their particular application.

Whether your industrial application entails shearing/cutting, chopping, perforating, folding, scraping, sealing, or slicing, Leverwood is equipped to provide you with the exact blade to meet your critical requirement.

Leverwood Knife Services Most Industries

  • Packaging
  • Food Processing
  • Printing
  • Laminating
  • Converting
  • Injection Molding
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Building & Construction
  • Folding
  • Tissue Converting
  • Metal Working

Knife Grinding

Custom Solutions for Every Application

Whether you are looking for a specific cut pattern, a longer lasting blade, or require a brand new blade for your equipment, Leverwood has just what you need. A Leverwood sales professional will guide you through the process of selecting the blade characteristics that will best meet your production and quality requirements. All Leverwood Knife blades are custom manufactured to your exact specification in their Red Lion, PA facility allowing them to have full control of your blade from start to finish.

V-Tooth Tear-Tab Splitter Blades
Hi Low Tooth Band Knives Hole Punch
Stab Knives Tapered Knives Scraper Blades
Formed Blades Bag Knives Chopper Blades
Notching Blades Diaper Blades Perforating Blades
Vari-Tooth Tissue Blades Slanted Tooth
Multi-tooth Back Beveled Seal Bar Blades
Radius Knives Front Beveled Wrapper Knives
Circular - Straight Thin Rimmed Winder / Re-winder Blades
Circular - Toothed Scalloped Tooth Scoring Blades
Rotary Wavy Edge Tucker Blades
Stationary Doctor Blades Anvils
Extruder Blades Folder Blades Form/Fill/Seal